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On the day before her engagement party, Simone found a lump in her breast. Celebrating was suddenly the last thing on her mind; she was instead overcome by fear. “Everything I’d been looking forward to and planning disappeared in a second,” she said.

Simone was only 32.

Cancer can be scary. But by finding better ways to treat it, we can help reduce the fear for people like Simone.

Chemotherapy is the most common treatment for cancer, but the drugs used to kill cancer cells can also kill healthy cells as well. This damage leaves patients vulnerable to infection and lasting side-effects.

Each donation you help raise through your stair climb will be helping to fund vital cancer research, including a project aimed at making chemotherapy safer, with fewer side-effects. The dedicated team of researchers at Mater are currently looking at ways to reduce the damage chemotherapy can cause to stem cells in the bone marrow. 

With every donation, you will also raise hope and reduce fear for people like Simone—that’s powerful.



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