• Who will you climb for?

Carolyn was just 34 and trying to juggle being a mum of three, when she found a pea-sized lump in her breast. Ultrasounds would reveal the lump was the tip of a much larger tumour.

She couldn’t believe it was happening to her.

“I was in shock. I never expected it. I just wanted to see my kids grow up. I didn’t want to die.”

Carolyn’s diagnosis was about to get even more frightening. ‘They did a CAT scan to see if it had spread to my bones—they found spots all over my lungs, and tumours on my liver.’

It turns out her cancer was also in a difficult place to remove. ‘It was right up against the breast wall, so there wasn’t any margin.’

“Many people think you must be brave to face cancer. It’s not about being brave. It can kill you so you don’t have a choice but to keep going. You have to give yourself every chance, and you just keep getting pushed along.”

By taking part in Climb for Cancer this June you'll be helping the 1 in 2 Australians like Carolyn who are diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes.*

Every step you take (and there's 810 of them!) will make a real difference by supporting ground-breaking prostate, breast and ovarian cancer research at Mater; and for that we think you're pretty amazing!

*Cancer Australia 2016





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